About Us

About Us

We are long established, reputable consumer list managers and brokers, well known in our field. Based in London, but able to provide a world-wide service, we offer extensive knowledge and expertise in the following areas with enthusiasm and a great desire to “get it right”:

    • List Broking: we have access to and great working knowledge of UK consumer lists. All sizes of campaign are handled with equal care from occasional 5,000 to our largest campaign of 22 million names.


    • List Management: we promote all our managed lists frequently via mailings of accurate, up-to-date, informative data sheets, ads in our trade press and via the many list proposals prepared for existing and new clients. Our administration and attention to security are meticulous, along with our care to ensure that all activities are Data Protection compliant.


    • List Planning and Response Analysis: we use our extensive experience in both of these areas to ensure the best possible results and follow-up campaign analysis.


    • Negotiation: because we order high volumes of names from so many suppliers, we are well placed to negotiate on list rental rates, nett discounts and selection charges.


    • Speedy Response: we can generally provide list proposals same/next day, detailed counts within 48 hours, list delivery within 2-4 working days.


    • Proven Track Record: with almost fifty years combined experience working within charity, merchandise, financial and publishing fields, we have much knowledge to offer.


  • Bureau Services: we offer data management services through our excellent bureaux contacts – MPS cleaning, address verification, data cleaning, deduping by very experienced personnel.

Please browse through our managed list portfolio, or contact us directly – we’ll be pleased to help.