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“Estate Agents Property News”

0-6 Month  252,096 BUYERS & 73,187 SELLERS

100,131 Active RENTAL SEEKERS & 40,134 LANDLORDS


“Estate Agents Property News” is an up to the minute list of people, mostly families looking to buy/sell or rent.This exceptional list of property movers is compiled directly from the 10,000+ people that visit weekly some 2,211 estate agent branches UK wide & register their interests.

Moving home generates many needs – loans, credit cards, change of utility providers, new home furnishing, bedding and carpets, houseware, flooring, kitchen equipment, garden accessories, DIY products, double glazing, conservatories, etc. The weekly update and supply of this file provides an on-going opportunity to reach movers at a early stage.

This is already proving to be an excellent source for marketers wishing to reach consumers and landlords by email at this special time when all manner of products including; utility services and finances are most likely to be needed.

EMAIL RENTAL: Email data is not released – cost to incl. broadcast, tracking & reporting – Html set-up & test £180


Recency / Volumes 20 – 40,000 40 – 100,000 100,000+
0-1 month data £165/1,000 £145/1000 £125/1,000
2-6 month data £150/1,000 £130/1000 £110/1,000
7-12 month £135/1,000 £115/1000 £  95/1,000


SELECTIONS: Able to select – Geo, Age, Family composition, House Value & House Type – detached, semi, terraced, flats @ £10 each/1000
MIN. ORDER: 20,000 Email
DELIVERY: Broadcast campaign delivery available weekly
PAYMENT: Required strictly 28 days from delivery/invoice date
SECURITY: All email contacts are opt-in and 100% deliverable
COMMISSION: 10%— DMA registered list brokers only