Charity Superstore

Charity Superstore

Charity Superstore
All age selectable

The file consists of over 900,000 charity donators that have been sourced through transactional data systems which capture the details of live supporters of various charitable causes.

As well as selecting by type of charity the database can be further refined by age, wealth, house value, credit status, etc. in fact by over 100 variables. 7% with e-mail address

60% FEMALE                       40% MALE

Animal Charities: 87,093 Children’s Charities: 168,621
Elderly Charities: 68,937 Environmental Charities: 96,273
Medical Charities: 272,771 Third World Charities: 214,54

RENTAL: £120/1000;  e-mail £35, E-mail £150/1000 including broadcast, tracking & reporting. Set up £250
SELECTIONS: Nth, fully postcoded, UK mainland : free of charge
Sex, recency, age, geo, charity type  : £10/1000 each
Telephone numbers £50/1000 (non-commissionable)
MIN. ORDER: 10,000
NETT NAMES: On orders 20,000+. Run charge £10/1000. Netts must be confirmed within three months of delivery date or discount will become null and void.
DELIVERY: 5 working days from our receipt of order/sample mailer. Faster by
PAYMENT: Required strictly 28 days from delivery/invoice date
SECURITY: List seeded to enable immediate detection of unauthorised use
COMMISSION: 10%— DMA registered list brokers only