Communication Avenue

Communication Avenue

Communication Avenue

2-12M – 11 Million & 13-24M – 9 Million with High Volume of Opt-In Telephone No’s

Communication Avenue (formerly Phruit) is one of the UK’s leading suppilers of quality Consumer Information for many well known B2C businesses. Detailed data is sourced through direct Consumer response to; Telephone Surveys, Market Research, Lead Generation, Hot Key Transfers, Fresh UK Consumer File, Bespoke Sales Campaigns and Brand Awareness.

These are conducted through UK and Offshore Call Centres with 120,000+ uncentivised, opted in telephone surveys completed each month. Communication Avenue consistently delivers high quality, detailed leads and quantitive data, adding value and higher returns to their clients’ telemarketing and direct marketing campaigns.

Communication Avenue’s success has been built on their company values of quality, speed and accuracy, building business relationships through trust and integrity. It is these values which have attracted clients such as Saga, Next, Cancer Research UK, RIAS, Eon and The Carphone Warehouse. As such Communication Avenue has accumulated a most responsive & in-depth database that is literally ‘fresh on the shelf’ and now is being made available for 3rd party marketing.

We can offer substantial volumes of the Very Freshest & Most Targeted Consumer data – see volumes below. For contractual reasons, only 2 Months+ recency is made available.

The data is extremely accurate and includes; Ages from 18-75+, Gender, Geo, Responders’ spending patterns and  general lifestyle including; Residential & Employment status, Income Bands, Charitable donors, Home Improvement, Age & Mobility issues, Financial and Insurance – as well as Product and Supplier choices. All telephone numbers are fully opts-in with no incentive ever offered.

This file will prove invaluable for Postal and Telemarketing campaigns for all Household Products, Home Improvements, Health Products, Mail Order fashion, as well as a variety of consumer Financial services and Charitable donors – see results listing below.

RENTAL: Postal Rates range from £100/000 to £140/000 incl. one consumer selection
Hotline 2-3M add £20/000  incl. one consumer selection (Min. order 10,000)
SELECTIONS: Nth, Actives & fully postcoded:                    No charge
Recency, Gender, Geo, Age:                          £10/000
Insurance, Financial, Charity, Mobility   £15/000
Appending data to output:                            £20/000
Telephone:                                                          £50/000 (TPS Screened)
NETT NAMES: On orders 20,000+. Run charge £10/1000. Netts to be confirmed
within 3 months of delivery or discount will become null and void.
DELIVERY: 3/4 days from receipt of order/sample mailer.
– Email Delivery £35
PAYMENT: Required strictly 28 days from delivery/invoice date
SECURITY: List seeded for immediate detection of unauthorised use
COMMISSION: 10%—DMA registered list brokers only

Selections Volumes:
0-12 Months Recency
13-24 Months Recency
Overall Transactions captured 11,129,000 9,041,000
Age in bands 18 to 75+ 1,460,621 1,201,918
Gender – Male 584,422 435,253
Gender – Female 885,690 705,199
Homeowner status – Homeowner 1,024,563 928,427
Homeowner status – Living with parents 74,844 46,217
Homeowner status – Private Tenant 170,317 124,432
Homeowner status – Council Tenant 109,997 64,791
Income bands range 598,000 504,000
Charitable donors to various charity types 994,000 662,000
Conservatories/blinds/patios/awnings 369,000 297,000
Aged Mobility & Hearing Issues 323,000 349,000
Arthritis & Back Pain 125,000 170,000
Property abroad 28,000 4,000
Insurance – Motor with Monthly renewals 598,000 341,000
Insurance – Buildings with Monthly renewals 501,000 293,000
Insurance – Contents with Monthly renewals 210,000 284,000
Loans 458,000 324,000
Cable / Sky / Digital Viewers 659,000 527,000
Pension 70,000 18,000
Employment status 140,000 64,000
Home improvements 35,000 16,000
Mortgage advice 32,000 11,000
Debt consolidation 140,000 38,000
PPI 178,000 147,000
Personal Injury 10,000 28,000
Have Private medical insurance 30,000 11,000
Endowment policies 287,000 258,000
Have or Consider Wills 85,000 67,000
Buy by mail order 284,000 118,000
Buy over the internet 245,000 100,000
Mobility 394,000 186,000
Magazine subscriptions 12,000 2,000
Environmentally Friendly 260,000 38,000
Utilities 600,000 400,000
Have Life Insurance 1,605,000


Communication Avenue will be pleased to quote for all types of Telemarketing projects. The Communication Avenue database is updated monthly with 120,000+ unique consumers being added .
The demographic selection shown above is only a small example of the demographic data that is held. Please do not hesitate to specify your exact requirements.