Adults Only

Adults Only

Adults Only

103,441 0-12 Month Responders (Age Selectable)

77% MALE                          23% FEMALE

BUYERS:  48,629 0-12 month buyers
Buyers of a wide range for adult products including toys, DVD’s, videos, magazines, clothing, etc. via mail order or through the company’s shops.

ENQUIRERS:  54,812 Active Enquirers (0-12 months)
Catalogue and product information requesters. These are web based or coupon based requests. All names & addresses have been verified in order to remove “humourous” names and addresses and to prevent third party consumers from corrupting the database.

Due to the  sensitive nature of the products purchased the list owner has not made available the selections products bought or amount spent.

Telephone numbers, post TPS, available on approximately 5-6% of the file.

This file should work well for mail order, subscriptions, charities, health related offers and financial offers.

RENTAL: £110/1000

E-mail Delivery £35

SELECTIONS: Recency, sex, geo, age: £10/1000

Telephone No: £50/1000 (available on request – TPS on output)

MIN. ORDER: 5,000
NETT NAMES: On orders 20,000+. R/C £10/1000. Netts must be confirmed within three months of delivery of data or discount becomes null and void
DELIVERY: 5 working days from receipt of order/sample. Sooner by arrangement
PAYMENT: Required strictly 28 days from delivery/invoice date
SECURITY: List seeded to enable immediate detection of unauthorised use
COMMISSION: 10% – DMA registered List Brokers only