Gambling Britain

Gambling Britain

Gambling Britain
FROM BINGO TO POOLS…. All 0-12M data
All age selectable – 50% by actual date of birth

From this multi-million strong database, which is 100% transactional, we are able to identify all those individuals with gaming interests including; Sweepstake & Prizedraw entrants, Bingo & Puzzle players, Football Pools, Horse Racing betting and other “games of chance” including Lottery Players. The file now includes Online Casino and Prize Draw entrants.

  • Bingo Players – 641,000
  • Football Pools Players – 651,000
  • Lottery Players – 2.19 million
  • Horse Racing Gamblers – 267,000
  • Particular interest in puzzles/games of chance – 569,000
  • Online Casino & Prize draw entrants – 449,000

The above segments can be overlaid with many further selections – age, demographic bands, mail order buyers, etc. – please call for details and acounts

RENTAL: Incl. Recency
Postal £110/1000;  e-mail £35
Email  £160/1000; to include broadcast, tracking & reporting. Set-up  £250
SELECTIONS: Nth, fully postcoded, UK mainland  : free of charge
Sex, geo, age, Game type : £10/1000 each
Telephone numbers : £50/1000 post TPS (non-commissionable)
MIN. ORDER: 20,000
NETT NAMES: On orders 20,000+. Run charge £10/1000. Netts must be confirmed within three months of delivery date or discount will become null and void.
DELIVERY: 5 working days from our receipt of order/sample mailer. Faster by
PAYMENT: Required strictly 28 days from delivery/invoice date
SECURITY: List seeded to enable immediate detection of unauthorised use
COMMISSION: 10%— DMA registered list brokers only